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It was a new day and we were headed to one of my favorite parks, but lets face it, they are all my favorite at one time or another! This AM, we were headed to Animal Kingdom for just our favorite rides.

2015-05-11-10h23m09 AK_TREE_7305429148

Our first order of business was Kilimanjaro Safari because we had a FastPass that was itching to be used, meaning it was about to expire. To our surprise, the FastPass line was weaving outside the queue, apparently some of the animals were being disruptive and blocking the road so the trucks couldn’t pass and caused quite the backup. This happens pretty often on this ride, so just be prepared if you have a FastPass and this happens the line will move slowly. I only mention this because so many people were complaining in the FastPass line that they could’ve rode standby if they wanted to wait this long. Sheesh. It’s not FastPass or Disney’s fault that the LIVE animals decide to move into the road. What do they want the CMs to do? Run them over? That doesn’t exactly scream family friendly attraction to me. Oh well, rant over. Soon enough we boarded our rugged caravan.

I prefer to be in the seat farthest away from where you board, I feel you get the best pictures this way, but we weren’t and the animals were just in a weird mood this day and I didn’t get too many great shots, but a couple of good ones. That is the thing with Kilimanjaro Safari, it is really never the same experience twice. We recently rode it on Valentine’s Day and got the best shot! I honestly am going to do a separate post on it soon! Anyways, sometimes you get a lackluster safari ride, but always fun just the same.

2015-05-11-10h57m30 2015-05-11-11h05m07 2015-05-11-11h06m46

After our Safari we headed to Dinoland USA. Since it wasn’t time for our Dinosuar FastPass, we filled the time with riding Primeval Whirl. This one gets mixed reviews amongst the Disney community, but I think it is fun. People complain about the theming and how it looks cheap, but the idea is that that area is supposed to look like a sad little parking lot carnival! If you look closely, you will even see parking spots on the ground in the area.

Primeval Whirl is a little rough if you aren’t expecting it, so just brace yourself because it definitely whips you around!


By the time we we made it through the queue and rode Primeval Whirl, we headed to Dinosaur, aka: the Disney ride I have never seen the ending too because I am covering my ears and eyes. I am really a 5 year old adult.

Animal Kingdom- Dinosaur Entrance - 07 - Confidence-1

I give you exhibit A:AK_DINOSAURRIDE_7305270564

Yup, nearly every ride photo in the Time Rover of ours looks just like this.

Edited to add: On Valentine’s Day, I actually did it! I saw the end of the ride, of course, we don’t have Memory Maker being locals, so I don’t have photographic evidence, but I promise, I actually saw the entire ride!

Next, we went to walk through one of my favorite Animal Kingdom attractions, Maharajah Jungle Trek. This is the walking trail where you can see the bats, tigers and bird area among others. The animals must have been on strike this day because here is the best view we got of the tigers, which happens to be my favorite part!


A paw! That is all they were giving us!

Good thing these guys were out and active:


The birds were especially photogenic too!2015-05-11-13h12m26

In the nest!2015-05-11-13h14m45

Feeling cheated out of the tigers, we found this display and figured this would just have to do for our tiger photography this go around.


With some time to kill before we took on the Yeti on Expedition Everest, we decided to get some PhotoPass pictures have ourselves an Everest photoshoot.

AK_EVRST4_7305319195 AK_EVRST4_7305321027 AK_ASIATRAILSROVER_7305196478

Soon we were on the other prettiest roller coaster in the world. (7 Dwarfs Mine Train is the other one if you are keeping score).


We were trying to be cute and do the “Nameste” greeting, but as you can see the couple in front of us rudely put their arms up and blocked my dear husband. It happens. The poor girl in the front looks like she is holding on for dear life, I feel like her dad/grandpa doesn’t even care that his daughter/granddaughter is about to get thrown from the train. Am I the only one that makes up stories for the other guests who appear in your photos?

I am pretty sure we also rode Kali River Rapids as our final ride before heading back to the hotel to get ready for an early 3:40 dinner at T-Rex Cafe at the then Downtown Disney now Disney Springs. If I am not a 5 year old adult then I am definitely a senior citizen given this dinner time. There is no in between.

Tune in next Tuesday for our T-Rex experience!

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