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Ride. Watch. Repeat.

Watch Ride repeatWhen you are busy touring your favorite park, there always those attractions that you MUST do more than once because you just love them so much! For me, this is pretty much everything lately. However, Walt Disney World has plenty of attractions that you may want to repeat because the experience can be different every time you visit, even if you visit it more than once in a day! While I love riding Splash Mountain or Pirate of the Caribbean, I know exactly what to expect every time because the ride or animatronics do not change. Below is a list of my favorite repeat attractions because the experience can be so different based on a number of different factors!

Magic Kingdom:


  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: Since this ride is score based, you are always trying to compete to beat your highest score to eventually obtain Galactic Hero status! It is also fun to complete with your ride mate. Your score will usually never be the same!


  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: While the “tale as old as time” Belle tells is the same, the audience participation makes this one a must repeat! We have seen some of the cutest “Beasts” in this one who all have reacted to their time with Belle differently and sometimes in hilarious ways!


  • Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: The audience participation make this one a great one to see again and again. You never know what crazy antics are going happen and the jokes change.

Camera 933



  • Turtle Talk with Crush
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: Once again, the audience wins this one! Because the little ones are asking the questions, you never know what will come out of their mouths! We have witnessed some hilarious questions in the past. Kids do say the darndest things and this show proves it! Clearly I am need of seeing it again because I have no pictures of this attraction.


  • Test Track
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: While the track and ride stays the same with each ride, the car you design in the studio is always different and can score differently on the track. We like revisiting this one to make different cars to see how efficient, powerful, capable and responsive we can make our car thus bragging for the rest of the day whose car performed better.


Hollywood Studios:

  • Toy Story Mania
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: Just like Buzz Lightyear Space Range Spin,  this ride is score based, so you are always trying to compete to beat your highest score or beat your ride mate, car or high score for the day/month! This one has the added fun of hidden Easter eggs that you may find by accidentally hitting something! It seriously is never the same experience, but if you are competitive like we are, your arm will always hurt afterwards!

DSCN7819 DSCN8792

  • Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: I recently saw this show for the first time and I think it is definitely worth a repeat just to see the kids’ faces when they face Darth Vader or other villains, plus if your child or someone you know is it, it so much more fun and will always be a different experience for them too.


  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: This show has been around since 1989 is just about as old as the park itself, but it is worth a repeat visit for the audience volunteers. Always funny because apparently adults say the darndest things too!


  • Star Tours
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: The ride sequence is always different and will randomly choose which planet to visit in addition, there are also different end scenes. Currently, I believe they are only operating the Force Awakens scene, but the ride should return to taking people to the different planets soon!


  • Tower of Terror
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: Simply because the drop sequences are different every time, you never know how many smaller drops you may get or how many times its going to launch you up and back down.


Animal Kingdom:

  • Kilimanjaro Safari
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: This is my absolute favorite ride to repeat because I have ridden it a million times and no two safaris are ever alike. Some are spectacular with Giraffes pretty much inside your ride vehicle or you might a catch a glimpse of Simba and Nala nuzzling on Valentine’s Day. No joke, the picture below was taken on Valentine’s Day and our truck pretty much freaked out! When dealing with animals who have minds of their own, the experience is going to always be different!

DSC_8550 Florida2012-1895

  • Maharajah Jungle Trek / Pagani Forest Trail
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: These self guided walking trails also help you get up close and personal with some animals such as bats, tigers, and gorillas. Just like Kilimanjaro Safari you never know if the tigers will be awake and on the prowl  or if you will see a gorilla feeding its young or munching on some leaves. Many times they are just basking in the sun sleeping, but we have gotten lucky in the past that is worth visiting again and again!

2013_05_13_12_40-0001 Florida2012-2141

  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
    • Why Should I Repeat It?: If you decide to take the train over to this remote area of Animal Kingdom, you may find different speakers inside the Conservation Station or even witness a live vetinerary exam in full swing. There is also the Affection Section petting zoo, where you may find a new goat friend for the day or you may visit and they want nothing to do with you. Both have happened to me, but I know every experience has been different!

DSC_7386 DSC_2421

I am ready to go do all these again! Which attractions do you love repeating?

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#TripReportTuesday – Dining with Dinos

My Album 3-001

Keeping up with our Animal themed day, we had made reservations at T-Rex Cafe located in Disney Springs, which back then was known as Downtown Disney.

Since we were staying at Saratoga Springs we had plenty of transportation options in getting to Downtown Disney. You can take a bus, boat or my favorite option when it is available: Walk! Of course we chose the walking option.


Here is the boat option:2015-05-11-15h09m15 As we were walking, we saw some lucky folks taking one of the new amphicar rides! How fun! I love this view!2015-05-11-15h06m30The path we took led us to the Marketplace side of Downtown Disney and T-Rex is more toward the middle between Marketplace and the West Side, so we walked some more until we saw the giant T-Rex Fossils! We quickly checked in and were told to enter the restaurant where we would be called shortly.

2015-05-11-15h23m55The inside of this restaurant is so cool! It is like Rainforest Cafe except with Dinosaurs. They are actually both owned by Landry’s Restaurants and not Disney. When you first walk in, there is a giant T-Rex animatronic and a decently sized gift shop with all the dinosaur merchandise one’s heart could ever desire!2015-05-11-15h28m04There are different themed dining rooms. The underwater one holds the bar, but there are also dining tables to be found within it.2015-05-11-15h28m10There is also a fern forest room toward the back of the restaurant. This one is my least favorite because it looks too much like Rain Forest Cafe and just doesn’t have the same WOW factor as the other rooms!2015-05-11-16h38m56The ice cave room is my favorite mainly because the baby Woolly Mammoth is just so stinking cute!2015-05-11-16h38m052015-05-11-15h34m522015-05-11-15h39m26 2015-05-11-15h39m54I wished I could take the little Woolly Mammoth home!2015-05-11-16h38m15We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, in the volcano/lava room so we had a pretty good view of all the dining areas from here. On of the fun things about this restaurant is that ever 20 minutes or so, a meteor shower takes over the restaurant with very loud and eye catching effects. Be warned it gets really loud to the point of not being able to carry on a conversation, so if you are looking for a quiet meal, skip this place! 2015-05-11-15h28m18 2015-05-11-15h34m42

Once we were seated, we perused the huge menu! No matter the pickiest of eaters in your group, there will be something they can eat within the menu because there is a great variety! Check it out HERE.

They have a good cocktail selection here, so I decided to indulge a little and go with a Cotton Candy Martini because when you are on vacation, this is what you do.

Here is the menu description of the drink I got, they also have a tropical fruit version:

Candy Apple Cotton-tini

Featuring Sobieski Vodka, DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps and a splash of sweet & sour

Below is a picture of the drink. The cotton candy has obviously became part of the drink, but when they bring it out it is all fluffy on top! Please don’t mind that I look exhausted and hungry in this picture. You can also see the souvenir drink shaker that this drink came with.

2015-05-11-15h42m08 As mentioned, the menu is extensive, but I had finally settled on the meatloaf/mashed potato meal which I think is a seasonal or special offering because I do not see it on the menu. It was really tasty and filling though!  I think Justin ended up going with a New York Strip steak because he was feeling carnivorous given his surroundings.

Overall, our experience at T-Rex Cafe was a great one! The servers were attentive, the menu has plenty of options and the food is prepared well. I don’t know of anywhere else on Disney property that you can get a cotton candy martini, so that is a bonus!

If you have any dinosaur fans in your group, make sure to get reservations to this place! We have since returned to T-Rex Cafe and it was still wonderful and even have reservations for this summer when we have family coming down for a visit, mainly because one of the children in our party is a die-hard Dino fan! I cannot wait to experience this place with him!

After our meal, we walked around the restaurant a little bit, checked out the shop and decided to walk by the Boathouse restaurant to check out an amphicar launch! I so want to do this one day!


The plan for the rest of the evening was to head to Hollywood Studios for some Fantasmic and Extra Magic Hours. Join us next Tuesday!

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