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Do you know where the Magical Escape’s tagline of a A Glimmering, Shimmering Carousel-ing Kind of Blog came from?

The tagline stems from the lyrics of Disney’s SpectroMagic, Magic Kingdom Park’s nighttime parade that ran from October 1, 1991 to June 2010.

The parade filled the Magic Kingdom with the most memorable music starting with the lyrics:

On this magic night,
A million stars will play beside us,
Cast a spell of light,
Glimmering, shimmering, carousel-ling
‘Round the world tonight,
A symphony in SpectroMagic.
Pure enchantment lights our way!

I still get goosebumps when I listen to it!

Listen to the soundtrack and enjoy these pictures of SpectroMagic taken by our family in 2005. I miss it so much!!

IMG_0633IMG_0637 IMG_0639 IMG_0674  IMG_0671 IMG_0669 IMG_0668 IMG_0667 IMG_0666 IMG_0658IMG_0649


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Your Guide to MagicBands


Have you been wondering what those colorful bracelets are that people seem to be wearing in their Walt Disney World photos? Did you just book a trip and customize your own wristband, but still kind of unsure as to what powers will soon be bestowed upon you? In continuing with our series on MyMagic+, it is now time to learn all about one of the most innovative parts of MyMagic+, the MagicBand. mbs

What Exactly Makes Them “Magic”?

MagicBands are RFID enabled wristbands allowing you to:

  • Unlock your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room by tapping the MagicBand to the RFID sensors outside each hotel room.
  • Enter the theme park. Any tickets/annual passes linked to your My Disney Experience will be available on your MagicBand, all turnstiles are now RFID enabled.
  • Access your FastPass+ reservations and make additional ones in park. Just enter the FP+ queue, scan your band and you are on way (provided you return within your FP+ window).
  • Pay for on-site purchases. Link a credit card and create a pin number to share among your traveling party. If traveling with multiple families, you may put a different card on file and have a different pin number once you arrive at the resort to allow for more flexibility. You may also restrict who has charging privileges using My Disney Experience.
  • Access your dining plan credits if you are on any of the Disney Dining Plans.
  • Use it as your Disney’s Magical Express boarding ticket if you are using the service to/from Orlando International Airport. If you are, make sure you pack them in your carry-on!
  • Scan and access your PhotoPass/Memory Maker photos. Have Disney PhotoPass photographers take as many pictures of you and your family as you want. They will scan your band and the photos will be loaded into your My Disney Experience account where you can add fun borders, customize the photos and purchases products and prints.
    • If you purchased Memory Maker, you will be able to download all the photos. Memory Maker customers also receive their ride photos and select dining photos to their MagicBands. Some attractions, such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, will automatically appear in the account without having to scan the photo at the ride kiosks.

If you choose not to use MagicBands, all of these features will still be available to you using RFID enabled ticket provided everything is linked properly in My Disney Experience.


How Do I Get A MagicBand?


If you have a reservation at a Walt Disney World Resort or are an annual passholder and have a My Disney Experience account, you will be able to customize a MagicBand to be sent to your home address free of charge.

Once you have successfully linked a valid Walt Disney World Resort reservation to your My Disney Experience account, you should see an option to customize your MagicBands. (Click screenshots to make them larger)

Head over to the MagicBands & Cards section of My Disney Experience, which can be found under “My Account”.

31-MDE-Tutorial-MBYou should now see any MagicBand orders available for you to customize. Note that if you are doing a split stay between two or more Walt Disney World Resorts, you will be able to customize sets of MagicBands for each reservation.

26-MDE-Tutorial-MBClick on the MagicBand order you wish to customize. This will take you to a new page showing you how many days you have left to customize. You can switch your customization choices as many times as your heart desires up until this date as this is when Disney will ship your bands to the address listed in your My Disney Experience account. 25-MDE-Tutorial-MB copyFind the individual MagicBand you want to customize and click “Update”. This will take you to the page to customize your MagicBand’s color and name.

24-MDE-Tutorial-MBChoose the color of the band. Color choices include red, yellow, green, blue, gray, orange and pink. My Disney Experience automatically defaults to the names listed on the reservation, feel free to change the name to something more fun such as a nickname or Disney character. My Disney Experience will still know which family member the MagicBand is assigned to regardless of what you put as the MagicBand name.

About 30 days from your check in date, Disney will ship your MagicBands to the address listed in your My Disney Experience account. Eagerly check your  mailbox in the next few days for your lovely MagicBand box. This is when you know your vacation is right around the corner!

photo 1 photo 2

If you forget to customize your band, you will automatically receive gray MagicBands upon check in. Only those that are customized will be sent your address.

If you are not staying on property, but still want to use the MagicBands, you still can! Any of the regular solid color bands are available for purchase on The Disney Store’s website for $12.95 or throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. You must add the MagicBand to your My Disney Experience in order to use it and if purchased at the resort, Cast Members will help you through the process.

Can I Have Multiple MagicBands?



Yes, you can have as many MagicBands as you want! If you visit frequently, you will be sent a new set with every Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation. This is how I was able to get one in each color!

A common misconception I have seen is that if you have multiple MagicBands, that means you can make more FastPasses than others or that you can only use the ones sent to you for that specific reservation. Both of these points are incorrect. The MagicBands work in a way where whatever is in your My Disney Experience account is linked to all your active MagicBands. Since My Disney Experience only allows you to make 3 FastPasses per day, those FastPasses will be loaded into each active MagicBand in the account. Just because you were sent a MagicBand for last year’s vacation, doesn’t mean you still can’t use it because the MagicBand is pulling from your active reservations in My Disney Experience. Think of it as My Disney Experience is the brains behind MyMagic+ and the MagicBands are what allow you to access what is in the “brains” at the time of use. Therefore, those with multiple bands may use them interchangeably, so feel free to match them to your outfits!

A Whole New World of Disney Fun


While it is fun to collect all the different colors, some will be happy to note that Disney often releases limited & special edition MagicBands themed to the season, attractions and characters. More and more styles are coming out every month it seems because these special MagicBands have been quite popular. Some popular styles have included Star Wars, Frozen and the Haunted Mansion. These special bands are usually only available for purchase at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Visit the awesome site to see all the special and limited styles past and present!

Some people choose to have some fun and spruce up their solid color MagicBands by purchasing MagicBandits, MagicSliders and CoverBands. These are all accessories that can be used to further customize your MagicBands to make it uniquely yours. Many are available for purchase online or at the resort.

7501055880378-2Photo Credit:

Other people even take it a step further and partake in some arts and crafts to customize their MagicBands. Just do a quick Pinterest search on “Customizing MagicBands” and see all the amazing and creative ideas out there!

Here are some fun links to get you thinking!

Use Disney Tattoos:

Use Sharpies and Paint Markers:

(AMAZING!!) Do Actual Works of Art:

Not really the creative type? No worries, there are websites like that will send you skins to overlay your MagicBand. Be sure to check out their site for hundreds of styles!

As you can see these MagicBands are so convenient since everything is right on your wrist, no more fumbling around for room keys, paper FastPass tickets or PhotoPass cards. Clearly the MagicBands are taking on a life of their own and I am pretty sure they are here to stay. Disney just recently announced that they have distributed their 10 millionth MagicBand!  It will be fun to see how they continue to evolve over time. There are even rumors that soon Disney Cruise Line will be added to the MagicBand fun!

Stay tuned for our final installment on MyMagic+ which will cover everything you need to know about FastPass+!



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