DSC_7003Happy Holidays! When it comes to gift giving, I am a sucker for making themed gift baskets full of goodies. Last Christmas, I gave the mommies and daddies in my life a movie night gift basket for when the kids go to bed with all the trimmings: a Red Box gift certificate, popcorn, popcorn bucket,movie theater candy and a bottle of wine. This year, we are participating in a Secret Santa exchange and I was thinking what would make a good themed gift basket, when it finally hit me to create a World Showcase inspired one! If there is anything I love more than themed gift baskets, it is a DISNEY themed basket.DSC_7071[1]It is super easy to make and you don’t even necessarily have to visit the World Showcase in order to create it, but it is definitely more fun if you do, of course, which was what I did. The idea here is to give someone a little “taste of the world” by filling the basket with treats you can find at the various shops around the World Showcase. All the countries have some sort of prepackaged snacks, candies, spices, beverages, etc that hail from its part of the world. It is also nice that most items come in a variety of sizes, making it convenient to customize your basket allowing you to go as large or small as you want.

Everything found below with the exception of one snack, the golf ball, and the basket was purchased in the World Showcase. You will notice that each treat has a number adhered to it and a map of Epcot. The number corresponds to the country found in the Epcot map, making it easy to identify which part of the world it can be found in. If you can’t make it to the World Showcase, but still want to create a similar gift, you can easily visit World Market or any similar stores which sell ethnic foods. DSC_7072[1]Let’s have a closer look at what treats were included. Typically, when I tour the World Showcase, I always go to the left towards the Mexico Pavilion, so let’s start there:

Mexico: Praline Candied PeanutsDSC_7054[1]

Norway: Grandpa Lindquist Scandinavian Julmust (Christmas Soda)

From the bottle:

During Jul (pronounced “yule” – Swedish for Christmas), children and adults alike enjoy Julmust, a unique, sweet and flavorful winter soft drink. Created in 1910, Julmust was quickly embraced and continues to be a part of Swedish culture to this day.


China: Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews – I hear these are supposed to help with motion sickness, so this would make a great stocking stuffer for those prone to it! DSC_7067[1]

Germany: Quickbury Assorted Premium CookiesDSC_7068[1]

Italy: Piselli Panettone – Side note: Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread enjoyed during Christmas and New Years. DSC_7062[1]

America: Krave Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky

Japan: Pocky Strawberry Cream Covered Biscuit SticksDSC_7066[1]

Morocco: Oloves Basil and Garlic Natural Green Pitted Olives
*Disclaimer: These did not actually come from the Morocco Pavilion, but rather World Market. The Morocco Pavilion had a small selection of Turkish Delight or full-size spices, and I felt I already had included enough desserts and didn’t want to include spices that may not ever end up being used. The packaging said these came from Morocco, so I thought they were perfect!DSC_7058[1]

France: Pierre Pure Butter CookiesDSC_7065[1]

United Kingdom: Butler’s Irish Whiskey Dark Chocolate

Canada: Jakeman’s Maple Popcorn

Mickey Golf Ball: The person I bought for is an avid golfer, so I included this adorable Mickey golf ball in there as well and had it correspond with Spaceship Earth on the Epcot map since many people refer to it as ‘the golf ball’. This was a fun way to make the gift more personalized. DSC_7069[1]

Here is the Epcot map where you can see how the numbers on the map correspond to each of the delicious goodiesDSC_7055[1]I attached a tag to the map that read:

We traveled “Around the World” for your gift! See the map for the part of the world each treat comes from. Enjoy!”

It was so much fun to walk around the World Showcase to make this gift basket. There were so many different goodies to choose from, it was hard to pick just one! I must admit, I also picked up some snacks along the way for myself-I just couldn’t resist. I love how this gift can be used for just about anyone: men, women, kids, adults, teenagers. You can also use it for so many different occasions and not just Christmas. This would make a nice housewarming, birthday or retirement gift. The possibilities are truly endless! I hope you will make or receive one of these fun baskets soon!


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